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Medical Care

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In the field of Medical Care the trust has been in the fore front of providing medical relief in the places, to the people who require them the most. The trust has ordained various camps and visits during the last 3 years for overall improvement of the health status of the women in society.

The trust operates its dedicated sadhvi’s, trained doctors and other specialists for the same in a view that the women in rural India get the attention the need when then want it.

The trust also organizes various camps for free medical checkup, free distribution of medicines for the poor and the needy. Also the trust ensures that these camps are done in the areas where it is required the most. The trust organizes its camps in the tribal and backward areas so that the people can get the best of it. Our doctors and teams have gone to the remotest village where not even a vehicle can reach or even traveled in boats to reach there.

The trust also supports for concession in blood testing and other test that are required for the needy people in the rural places.

Yoga can cure diseases like diabetes, asthma, and kidney disorders, as well as for terminal diseases like cancer.

Human blood is one of the most valued gifts of nature. To donate it willingly, is an act of great compassion and concern for one's fellow being. For this purpose Yogi Mahila Kendra has arrange many blood donation camp at Haridham, Sokhada and other cities. Many blood banks come here hundred devotees & also saints donate blood for needy people. Blood also examine by the well know laboratories then after sent to the hospital.

Blood is Life therefore, by giving Blood, A Life is saved......