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  • The Legacy of Lord Swaminarayan

    Lord Swaminarayan preserved and valued the honor of woman forever. He enrouted the women fortification in all the spheres in the society in 19th century. His crusade for women against vices of social traditions like child-marriage and “sati pratha” (woman burns herself alive after the death of her husband) made Lord Swaminarayan “Savior” for women. He very firmly advocated “women education” for their empowerment which was to no avail in those days.

    Women in those days were definitely not respected in the terms they should be. They were deprived of the worldly life with countless restrictions.In such a bleak scenario, Lord Swaminarayan became the torch-bearer for them and made the significant arrangements to live dignified life and their devotion to worship GOD. Such humane deeds brought in paradigm change in early 1950's when, for the first time in the Swaminarayan Fellowship, women were allowed to formally relinquish the world and spend their lives in social and religious services just like the male ascetics ('Sadhus') of the renunciate order.


    Supreme in the Saffron takes the Resolution

    The women ordination was endorsed and consecrated by Guruhari Yogiji Maharaj, fourth heir in Lord Swaminarayan's living tradition of Gunatit Saints - Perfect Spiritual Masters. This was the commencement of the spiritual itinerary of the women in the 'Satsang'. Pujya Sonaba and Pujya Shantaben were the first to be ordained into “Bhagwati Diksha” (a saffron clad initiation). This tradition is now followed by 'Brahmanishtha' Sadhvi Sisters performing the initiation ceremony.

    The twentieth century saw amazing advances in Science and Technology, affecting nations and societies as never before. The changing social norms and conventions brought in their wake a metamorphosis in the role and image of woman. The homebound, submissive, even oppressed woman of the past has been gradually transformed into an intelligent and competent personality of the modern times, providing her mettle as men’s equal in numerous fields.Her stride, as she steps into the new Millennium, is characterized with determination and confidence. As she is carving a niche for herself in various fields, the realm of spirituality also proudly acclaims the remarkable contribution of Sadhvis (Nuns).

  • Commencement of New Epoch

    Yogi Mahila Kendra was being conceptualized on the auspicious day of 19th August 1978 to indoctrinate & uphold Societal, Educational, Moral, Spiritual Values and Health Awareness among the women in the society. The nuns and dedicated sisters have been rendering their righteous duties in the “Women Empowerment” across the world.

    ‘Bhakti Ashram’– An Abode of Nuns is the core from where all the societal and liberation activities are conducted under the guidance of Sadhvi Suhrad. The sisters of Bhakti Ashram counsel married women of the fraternity and inspire them to make their homes into sanctum-sanctorum (An abode of God). They also steer the young girls towards a life of righteous conduct and constructive aspirations.

    Yogi Mahila Kendra manoeuvres by its 222 ascetic sisters called 'Sadhvis' by the benevolent “sankalp” (wish) of H.H. Yogijimaharaj and divine inspiration and blessings of Guruhari H.H. Hariprasadswamiji. There are more than 400 satsang centers in India and abroad engaged in the social, cultural and spiritual upliftment of women in the society. There are more than 6500 initiated housewives called “Sahradayee” who are determined to uphold social and cultural activities for the wellbeing of the humanity beneath the auspices of their Spiritual Master in the prime priority of their lives overcoming their worldly desires.