...Empowerment and Enlightenment of Womanhood

Sadhvi Suhrad (P. P. Premben)

Bhakti Ashram of Yogi Mahila Kendra is representative of these Hindu Nuns 

Committed as it is to social service according to the precepts laid down by Lord Swaminarayan

Recent Activities

Global Activities

The Sahradyee Devotees & Youth

The Sahradyee Devotees

Householder devotees, committed to a life of ‘Satsang’, are initiated as “Sahradyee”.

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The Youths

Youth are neither careless nor useless. They are actually Cared-less and used-less. They need caring and proper guidance.

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Upliftment of Women

The Sadhvi Sisters also counsel and settle marriages as well as family discords, inspiring ideals of love and sacrifice, mutual understanding and compromise. This has resulted in a reduced rate of divorces in the community and instil harmony in families.

The Sadhvi Sisters also travel to different state of India to impart spiritual guidance to the women devotees of the fraternity.