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On Date: 16 November 2014
Activity: Medical Care

With a view to increase the awareness about Diabetes in the general public, a rally was organized on 16-11-2014 in Vadodara City by City’s renowned Dr. Sri Shaileshbhai Trivedi (Anand Hospital-Vadodara) on account of “World Diabetes Day”, the 14th Nov.

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On Date: 14 November 2010

Incidently, the birthdays of 2 great ladies/adorable ladies, the 76th of Atmiya Mother-like P.M. Saumitra (Jayaba-Mummy) and, the 52nd of P. Sarveshwarben were falling on the same day, the 14th Nov 2010. On this holy day, the sisters of Bhakti Ashram had organized a convention and the cultural program in Ambrish Hall of pilgrimage place of Haridm. Around 1000 ladies participated in the program and were benefitted by the darshans/Prasad there.

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