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...Empowerment and Enlightenment of Womanhood

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On Date: 12 February 2017
Activity: Medical Care

Yogacharya Shri Bahadursinhji working with Veraval Trust since last 24 years had guided around 100 women for maintaining their good health through pranayams at a “Maintaining Good Health Through Pranayams” shibir organized by Yogi Mahila Kendra at Yogidham, Rajkot on Sunday, the 12th February 17.

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On Date: 05 February 2017
Activity: Medical Care

With the cooperation from Yogi Mahila Kendra, a camp for diagnosis of all the diseases was organized on Sunday, the 5th Feb 2017 in Shree C.A. Patel Hospital at Mota Fofadiya , Tal. Shinor, Dist. Vadodara in which, totally 107 lady patients had got their medical checkup done with required treatments free of cost which included 57 consultancies for diseases related to women and 50 physician consultancies.

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