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...Empowerment and Enlightenment of Womanhood

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On Date: 01 June 2014
Activity: Medical Care

With the Inspiration of H.D.H. P.P. Hariprasad Swamiji, Yogi Mahila Kendra has been involved in organizing various social activities. As a part of this activities an even of Blood Donation was organized by Suhrad Pradesh (Naroda Mandal) along with Leuva Patidar Samaj - Naroda on 1st June 2014.

sp.01/06/2014“p fp¡S> ApÐdue eyhp dlp¡Ðkh-2015“p D‘¾$d¡ kyùv$ âv$¡i - “fp¡X$p d„X$m Üpfp s’p îu g¡Dhp ‘pV$uv$pf kdpS>, “fp¡X$p“p kp¥S>Þe’u ApÐdue ågX$ X$p¡“¡i“ L¡$ç‘“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„.

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On Date: 21 May 2014
Activity: Medical Care

Blood Donation was organized by Nirgun Pradesh Mahila Mandal along with Shree Manav Seva Sarvajanik Trust on 21st May 2014 at Atmiya School, Kalavad Road, Rajkot. More than 50 blood bottles collected for Civil Hospital Blood Bank.  

sp.21-05-2014“p fp¡S> r“Ny®Z âv$¡i drlgp d„X$m s’p îu dp“h k¡hp kph®S>r“L$ V²$õV$, fpS>L$p¡V$“p kp¥S>Þe’u ApÐdue õLy$g, L$pgphpX$ fp¡X$dp„ rkrhg lp¡[õ‘V$g ågX$ b¢L$ dpV¡$ ågX$ X$p¡“¡i“ L¡$ç‘“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„. 50’u h^pf¡ bp¡V$g ågX$ AÂe®õhê$‘¡ A‘®Z L$ey¯.


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On Date: 16 November 2014
Activity: Medical Care

With a view to increase the awareness about Diabetes in the general public, a rally was organized on 16-11-2014 in Vadodara City by City’s renowned Dr. Sri Shaileshbhai Trivedi (Anand Hospital-Vadodara) on account of “World Diabetes Day”, the 14th Nov.

hëX®$ X$pepbuV$ui qv$“ - 14 “h¡çbf r“rdÑ¡ kpdpÞe S>“ kdpS>dp„ X$pepbuV$ui A„N¡“u ÅN°ssp h^¡ s¡ l¡sy’u hX$p¡v$fp“p “pdp„qL$s X$p¸. i¥g¡jcpC rÓh¡v$u (Ap“„v$ lp¡[õ‘V$g, hX$p¡v$fp) Üpfp sp.16-11-2014“p fp¡S> A¡L$ f¡gu“y„ Apep¡S>“ hX$p¡v$fp il¡fdp„ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„.




On Date: 25 April 2015
Activity: Medical Care

Yogi Mahila Kendra and Shri M & N Virani Science College, Rajkot’s “Awake - Atmiya Women's Association for Knowledge Empowerment” both had jointly organized in the college’s auditorium an awareness seminar on Saturday, the 25th April 2015 on account of “World Malaria Day” which was participated by around 150 women and 25 gents.

ep¡Nu drlgp L¡$ÞÖ A“¡ îu A¡d A¡ÞX $A¡“ rhfpZu kpeÞk L$p¡g¡S, fpS>L$p¡V$“u ""Awake-Atmiya Women's Association for Knowledge Empowerment" Ap bß¡ k„õ’pA¡ kp’¡ dmu“¡ sp.25 A¡râg -2015 ir“hpf“p qv$hk¡ hëX®$ dg¡qfep X¡$ “p D‘¾$d¡ L$p¡g¡S Ap¡X$uVp¡fued$dp„ A¡L$ ÅN©rs k¡rd“pf“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$ey® lsy„. Apif¡ 150 bl¡“p¡ A“¡ 25 cpCAp¡¡A¡ Ap k¡rd“pf“p¡ gpc gu^p¡.

On Date: 25 April 2015
Activity: Medical Care

Since the year 2013, the 25th April is being observed as “World Malaria Day”. On account of this, an open general meeting was organized at 2 pm on Saturday, the 25th April 2015 in Harisumiran Hall, Gabheni by Gabheni Mandal of Sunrut Pradesh under Yogi Mahila Kendra to develop and spread awareness about this disease among the general public. Around 80 girls and women from the surrounding 5 villages like Gabheni, Jiyav, Bidiya, Dundi and Unn had participated in the meeting and obtained valuable guidance on the subject.

hj® 2013 ’u sp. 25 A¡râg kdN° rhðdp„ hëX®$ d¡g¡qfep qv$“ sfuL¡$ DS>hpe R>¡ s¡ r“rdÑ¡ kdN° S>“ kdpS>dp„ d¡g¡qfep fp¡N rhi¡“u A“¡ s¡“¡ V$pmhp A’£“u ÅN°ssp h^¡ s¡ l¡sy’u ep¡Nu drlgp L¡$ÞÖ - ky“©s âv$¡i - Nc¡Zu d„X$m Üpfp ir“hpf, sp. 25-4-2015“p fp¡S> b‘p¡f¡ 2:00 hpN¡ lqfkyrdf“¹ lp¡g, Nc¡Zudp„ A¡L$ Ål¡f kcp“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„. Ap kcpdp„ Nc¡Zu, Æeph, byqX$ep, Xy„$X$u A“¡ D“ A¡d 5p„Q Npd dp„’u Aph¡gp 80 bl¡“p¡ s’p eyhsuAp¡A¡ Ap A„N¡ dpN®v$i®“ d¡mìey„ lsy„.

On Date: 01 January 2015
Activity: Medical Care

The thousands of women who came from entire India and abroad received, the very rare, useful and the most valuable material for building their life on the basis of qualities like selfless service, self-discipline, atmiyata, ego-lessness and dasatva which are useful and basically required for living a tension free, peaceful and happy life, by attending Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav celebrated at Haridham, Sokhada during 31st December 2014 to 3rd January 2015. During this entire celebration, the gigantic and the Himalayan task of looking after wellbeing – medical services to all the female visitors, was most appropriately and successfully carried out by the medical and para medical staff coming from and provided by the renowned hospitals in Vadodara and from the social medical institutions of nearby towns and cities associated solidly by the unbreakable bonds of Atmiyata with Yogi Mahila Kendra and they all provided their services throughout the day—for 24 hours—without looking at the day or night.

lqf^pd - kp¡MX$p Mps¡ 31 qX$k¡çbf, 2014 ’u 3 ÅÞeyApfu, 2015 v$fçep“ DS>hpe¡g ApÐdue eyhp dlp¡Ðkhdp„ kdN° cpfs s¡dS> rhv$¡i’u lÅfp¡ bl¡“p¡A¡ dlp¡Ðkhdp„ D‘[õ’s flu Æh“ OX$sf“p ‘pepê$‘ kv¹$NyZp¡ S>¡hp L¡$ õh^d®-k¡hp-ApÐduesp-r“›$p A“¡ v$pkÐh“y„ tkQ“ Æh“dp„ L¡$hu fus¡ ’pe s¡“y„ A“y‘d cp’y„ d¡mìey„. lÅfp¡ bl¡“p¡“u s„vy$fõsu“u v$¡Mcpm fpMhp“y„ cNuf’ L$pe® ep¡Nu drlgp L¡$ÞÖ kp’¡ ApÐduesp“p As|V$ b„^“’u b„^pe¡g d¡X$uL$g A“¡ ‘¡fpd¡X$uL$g õV$pa“p rdÓp¡A¡ fps-qv$hk Å¡ep hNf MX¡$ ‘N¡ dlp¡Ðkh õ’m¡ lpS>f flu Myb Dd„N A“¡ hapv$pfu‘|h®L$ bÅìey„.

On Date: 25 April 2015
Activity: Medical Care

On account of “World Malaria Day”, Yogi Mahila Kendra, Haridham, Sokhada had organized a meeting of women on 25/4/2015 at Dabhoi in the presence of regional saint sister of Krishnaji Pradesh sadhvi P. Smitben to develop awareness in ladies about the disease of Malaria in which, around 50 women from Dabhoi and its surrounding villages had participated .

ep¡Nu drlgp L¡$ÞÖ lqf^pd Üpfp L©$óZÆ âv$¡i“p âpv$¡riL$ k„sbl¡“ kpÝhu [õdsb¡““p kpr“Ýedp„ X$cp¡C dyL$pd¡ sp. 25/4/2015“p fp¡S> ""rhð dg¡qfep qv$“'' r“rds¡ d¡g¡fuep A„N¡“u ÅN©rs dpV¡$ A¡L$ drlgpkcp“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„. S>¡dp„ X$cp¡C A“¡ ApSy>bpSy>“p Npdp¡“p Apif¡ 50 bl¡“p¡A¡ gpc gu^p¡ lsp¡.